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now. martha: fox "happening now" is coming up. stay tuned for more developing news out of the university of texas. have a good day. we'll see everybody tomorrow. jenna: breaking news out of the university of texas. word of a shooting on campus. police looking for a second suspect. harris what do we know about that. >> reporter: the most important thing to know is while authorities are gathering information they are concerned enough for the safety of the students at the university of texas at austin to keep the campus in lockdown and ask people to stay away from the campus until they can get complete control of the situation. why is it still seeming that they need to do more, because there is word from students, we heard some even telling their stories right here on fox news channel a short time ago on america's newsroom that hay had heard or seen a second suspect.
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it's important to also note that the police department in that area, in austin, texas is saying that there is no clarity on whether or not the second suspect might be armed. they are acting as though this person may be armed and could be dangerous. i want to set this up for everybody who may just be tuning in here at the top of the new hour. on the 6th floor of the perry-castaneda library at the university of texas austin shots rang out. one person with an automatic weapon opening fire inside that library. no shots fired outside. from what we are learning the only person injured and killed in all of that was in fact the suspected gunman, with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. that is what we're being told right now by police spokespersons. you have a campus in lockdown and the saoeupbgt -- sights or stories or reports about a second suspect. this is one of the largest
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campuses in the country with nearly 50,000 students. it is a we can day, school is in session. a big job of keeping everybody safe and secure. so far they have not found this gunman, no reports of any other gunshots breaking out. i'll bring you more information as i get it. jenna. jenna: i'll continue with some of our top stories of the day. hi, everybody i'm jenna lee. gregg: and i'm gregg jarrett. the top box. the balance of power is up for grabs five weeks from today. president obama is campaigning hard heading to a key battleground state as we get poll numbers on important races. jenna: he's no fan of america and he's best buddies with one of our biggest enemies. hugo chavez is one step closer to getting his hands on nukes,
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what he says he'll do with them. gregg: strange sightings at military bases across the area what some former air force officers insist they saw. jenna: "happening now" the cia stepping up drone attacks in the mountains of pakistan, launching 20 strikes this month alone. in the tribal region where the world's most dangerous terrorists are believed to be hiding. there is a spike in terror charter targeting several european cities. what are officials saying about this so-called chatter. >> reporter: good morning from chicago, jenna. late last night a senior u.s. official confirmed to me that there has really been a ramping up of the drone campaign in the tribal areas of pakistan. the number of strikes is at an all time high since the administration came into office. the intelligence they are
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getting on the ground is extremely good and they are able to target with extreme levels of accuracy. the groups they are looking at right now are not only al-qaida, the pakistani taliban that was the group that trained the attempted bomber in time square and also the akani network. let's take a look at a map where we can show the people where we are being told the threat is being aimed at right now. there is a heightened state of alert in britain, france, germany as well. specifically when you talk about the french their concern is not only the tribal areas of pakistan for operatives, also north africa, you see algeria, morocco and t u.n. isia. this is the home of aqim that has been on the radar for some time. the question among u.s. intelligence officials and others is whether this al-qaida affiliate will no longer be a
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regional player but step up and go global. the reason that's important is in the last few weeks the french had intelligence that an algerian woman connect towed this group was being sent to paris for a suicide bombing attack, jenna. jenna: lots of information, lots of different reports. the next question is what are we going to do about it? has there been any response from the administration on these different reports? >> reporter: this morning the secretary of homeland security janet napolitano this is traveling in monrewl canada has been speaking to a group and advocating very strongly that 190 countries take the next store up in airport screening by advocating the use of these full body scanners. in an interview with usa today she said we need to move to the next stage of screenings. there continues to be a threat stream about taking down a commercial airliner in part because it was used successfully before and could have a huge impact. just to give you context here. if there is a piece of advice
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i've had over the years it's like terrorism is like water it takes the path of least resistance and we are dealing with a thinking enemy. they understand the type of improvements we've made for the screening process, that's why we saw the evolution in the type of attack with the attempted bombing on christmas day, with the underwear -- with the bomb concealed in the underwear. that is an evolution in the tactic and it's also an indicator that when it comes to airline security al-qaida and others are watching what we are doing, they are trying to take steps to circumvent that security which is why the secretary of homeland security is advocating these full body scanners not only in the united states but also our partners, especially overseas. the important aspect it would be flights coming into the united states. they feel like they've been able to harden security within the united states but our weak point are the foreign airports that bring passengers into this country, jenna. jenna: scary stuff. we hope to stay one step ahead.
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catherine herridge for us in chicago. much more to come on this developing story. lieutenant kernel bill cowan will join us to discuss the drone attacks, the link to terror chatter in european what it means for our troops in afghanistan, that is coming up in the next hour. gregg: check your calendar, voters heading to the polls in the crucial midterm elections exactly five weeks away. right now we have brand-new poll numbers from the key battleground states to tell you about. molly henneberg is live in washington. let's begin with wisconsin. russ feingold is trailing significantly, why is that. >> reporter: voters there may think he's too liberal, overall they are not happy with the state's struggling economy. russ feingold is trailing his republican challenger, businessman russ johnson. feingold 44%, johnson 52% with only 3% undecided. take a look at what was -- what
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wisconsin voters think about the candidates on the issue. 47% say feingold is two liberal. 45% say johnson is too conservative. feingold feingold is a three term senator who what's elected in 2004 by an 11 point margin. president obama will be in wisconsin rallying democrats trying to get them to vote in november. feingold will not be at the rally. the first lady will be campaigning for feingold in october showing just how information this race is to the white house and democrats. gregg: pretty conspicuous that the president will not be with feingold or feingold will not be with the president at that rally there in his state. let's move west to washington state, surprisingly close senate race there, tell us about. >> reporter: one point separating the incumbent democrat and the republican
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challenger. let's look at this one. three-term democratic senator patti murphy 48%. dino rossi47%. 57% going for president obama. this senate race is a nailbiter right now, likely due in park in the stoeut's economy. 39% says president obama's economy is hurting washington's economy. and that is all factors in and possibly hurting senator murray. gregg: molly, thanks very much. by the way fox news is your election headquarters across all platforms. you can get breaking political news 24-7 by logging onto check out our great blog. a front row seat to politics. correspondents and producers always posting the very latest info you need right there on jenna: now to the nuclear nation of north korea where leader kim
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r-r has -- kim jong-il has elevated his son to a 4 star general. >> reporter: we are not even getting any fresh pictures out of the communist conference today in north korea. that is supposed to be his coming out party. here is what we know about kim jong-eun. easy round 27-years-old. he spent time at a private school in switzerland. he loves u.s. basketball, a big fan of michael jordan and some say he's a tough chip off his father's block, that is kim jong-il. we know he's on his way to the talk, named as a four-star general even though he hasn't spent a day in the military. another analyst notes there is a sense of urgency about all this. kim jong-il might be more sick than we believe and the son might be taking over sooner than we think.
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jenna: it's hard to know what is going on inside that country that keeps all the information so tight and confidential. what can we say about the change in leadership. what does it mean for the rest of us. >> reporter: that's tricky too, jenna. despite or maybe because of his youth maybe we won't see too much change over the next several years. also named today as a general is kim jong-il sister the aunt of kim jong-eun. it's thought that she and her husband who is the number two in north korea might be running things behind the scenes, might act as a guardian or mentor when in fact kim jong-eun takes over. in the meantime while we wait for this bizarre sus session struggle to continue on in sort of a mafia style or family-style process, people in north korea are starving, suffering, and the potential dangerous nuclear program is still underway. jenna: greg palkot for us in london.
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what would a change in guard in north korea mean for the u.s. we will break it down in the next hour. gregg: we know all too well about iran's rogue nuclear program. now we are getting word that yet another hater of america wants his n u.k. es too, there he is, venezuela president hugo chavez says his country is exploring nuclear energy, and quote they are not going to stop us. a major drug bust in san diego, who was taken down and what they were planning to sell on our streets next. ready to try something new? campbell's has made changes. adding lower sodium sea salt to more soups. plus five dollars in coupons to get you started. campbell's condensed soup. pass it on. campbell's.® it's amazing what soup can do.™
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jenna: we're continuing to follow this developing story out of austin, texas, a shooting at the university of texas at the library there. harris just got off the phone with campus police. harris, what did you learn. >> reporter: the university is officially closed at this time. the spokesperson told me that they will stay in a sheltered
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mode. which means anybody on campus is to stay inside, doors locked, do not leave the building. they don't want anybody new on campus that they have to account for when they look what is expected to be a second suspect in all of this. the wording changed a tad. there was more a definitive nature that they are looking for someone now. they are trying to resolve a report of a second individual. we've had people right here at fox news channel tell us on our air that they know of a second person involved in all of this, but police are being very careful to say, you know, any details about whether or not there is definitively a second person. what they do know is it's a strong enough suspicion that they are going to keep this in a sheltered lockdown until they can at least resolve the issue. don't know if that person might be armed. they have to act as though this person is. they've just put up a new alert on the website for students, this is important to know, this is a huge campus, upwards of 50,000 students at this campus. i want to quote it, a suspected
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shooter at the library is dead, law enforcement now searching for a second suspect. if you're on campus and this is in all caps, off campus, rather, stay away. i'll learn whatever details i can. get back on the phone with them. no other injuries other than the gunman initially who police say killed himself in all of this. i'll keep you up to date. jenna: one of our top stories today, thank you so much, harris. gregg: venezuela may be taking its first step toward a nuclear program, including one maybe that would include nuclear weapons. president hugo chavez says his government is beginning to research nuclear technology but insists it would be for peaceful purposes. where have we heard that line before? peter brooks is senior fellow for national security affairs at the national foundation. peter always good to see you. there is a mysterious commercial
11:18 am
flight, flight 744, iran air. nobody seems to be able to book on that flight, including ourselves, we contacted an iran air agent in the u.k. and they say nobody was on that flight, no passengers and we can't seem to book you on that flight. what is going on? >> reporter: this is venezuela's national airline and an iranian airline. i'm not sure you want to be on this flight. my understanding is that this may be carrying people like the islamic revolutionary guard core, hez, this flight goes from tehran, to damascus to serious, beirut, lebanon, onto venezuela, and a return flight. there's been a concern for a longtime that this flight gets into caracas and goes through a separate immigration and customs procedures which is different from regular passengers going into caracas.
11:19 am
there is a lot of concern and mystery about this flight. gregg: is there possibly a quid pr rorbgs -- quid pro quo going on, haoug gee chavez supplies uranium to tehran and tehran is experting its nuclear technology to caracas. >> reporter: there is a real concern about that. the russians signed an agreement with venezuela a few months ago talking about a nuclear power program. obviously we know what is going on with iran with their runaway nuclear program that is probably really a nuclear weapons program. nothing says power to a rogue state like a nuclear weapon. venezuela sees how the international community has been unable to reign in the iranian program. at some point in the future we could see our own cuban missile crisis in venezuela. gregg: that's what i'm thinking. if i'm the leader of the tehran regime and i think that the u.s. or israel might engage in a
11:20 am
tactical strike on my nuclear facilities. what do i do i build a duplicate facility in venezuela and it's a whole lot closer to hitting the u.s. from there. >> reporter: that's another point as well. it's a point very well taken. the fact of the matter is right now my real concern is that the passenger has reported there's been an increase of islamic revolutionary guard forces, particularly in venezuela. and they could be using venezuela as a stepping off point or a base camp to attack our interests in the region or even in the united states. gregg: peter brooks as always, thank you very much. jenna: he went from this, trying to become the next person idol, we'll try to show that to you, there he is, to encouraging young voters to get out and vote. rod snyder is the president of young democrats are america. has obama lost the youth vote? we're going to ask him coming up, maybe get him to sing too. that's next coming up on "happening now." @k@k@k@k@k@k@k
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jenna: revolutionary guard unveiling a brand-new weapon today. this is new video at the guard's radar evading flying boat. it's a fixed wind seaplane that allows it to take off and land from water. they say it will be used for surveillance, but can also carry guns and transmit some data. a new weapon coming out of iran today. gregg: young voters helped put them in the white house, and now president obama and vice president joe biden are hoping to reenergize the young democrats and get them out to the polls come november. the president is planning to address college students at the
11:25 am
university of wisconsin as the vice president rallies for support in pennsylvania. polls showing young republicans more enthusiastic than young democrats. david miller is live on the campus of penn state university. what does the latest survey show. >> reporter: it shows a significant shift is now understand way. you can see over my shoulder off in the distance you can see the college republicans here on the campus of penn state. in 2008 we all know that barack obama was a rock star to a great extent the youth vote helped get him elected. but support among the youth has been dwindling. let me give you one statistic now. we have a graphic here that emphasizes how the shift is now underway. 60% of republicans under 30 say that they are likely to vote in the mid-term elections, 60%. now only 51% of democrats under 30 say they are likely to vote. so what this statistic shows, is that there is far less
11:26 am
enthusiasm among democrats to take place in the upcoming midterm elections. let me also say 2008, republicans over democrats had a 32 point margin with the democrats having far more -- much more support on college campuses. 32 point swed. that has now dwindled to only 14%. yes there are still more democrats but the republicans are making progress. to a great extent the republicans are smelling blood in the water and now the college republicans national committee says it has now put together its first ever television commercial targeting america's youth. it's a 30-second spot. let's take a look at about 10 seconds of it. >> we met on facebook. he had me at hope and change. >> you're the man. >> he hung out with us. >> our parents warned us about this. >> this is the one. >> reporter: now the college republicans national committee says it is spend baggy $9,700,
11:27 am
not a great deal of money to broadcast this ad in three states. florida, ohio and pennsylvania. and they are specifically targeting areas where there are a great number of college students. one of the markets, not surprisingly where that commercial is going to be airing is going to be here in penn state, state college, pennsylvania. gregg: what are the big issues for young people in this election? >> reporter: you know, nearly 49% of those surveyed, in fact 49%, nearly half say that the country now is heading in the wrong direction. this according to one recent survey. we talked to republicans here on this calm bus and they say it all comes downey sepbgs alley to one word -- down, essentially to one word, the economy. >> i think there is a general distain for a lot of what is going on in washington right now, specifically the debt, a lot of the spending, stimulus packages and things like that. i think students are really concerned about their future.
11:28 am
>> reporter: a national survey under scored that and showed that more than half of those asked said that they are now very concerned about their ability to make a living when they graduate from college and to live a comfortable life. gregg: david lee miller on the campus of penn state. he'll be busting a move with a cheerleading squad this afternoon. david, good luck. jenna: why won't you. rod snide eris the president of young democrats of america. he's our guest now. you heard what david lee had to say about a shift of young voters moving towards the republican side. what do you make of that. >> reporter: jenna i actually think that the numbers are a little deceiving. there is still a 22 point margin with prefrpblgs for democrats over republicans. young people historically are more progressive and identify with democratic party values. i think that continues into the few. the challenge is turning out young voters in the election
11:29 am
that identify with the democratic party. jenna: we saw such a turnout in 2008 for president obama. he is going to be speaking this evening hoping to rally that same sort of support. they say he's going to be delivering a more personalized message. what do you think he needs to stay to young voters. >> reporter: i think the president will talk about moving the country forward, that it's not that long ago that republicans controlled the white house and the congress, and a lot of mistakes were made. you talk about deficit spending, a lot of problems that occurred over the last ten years that got us into this mess. the key is making sure that we don't go back to those leadership decisions that got us to this point. you know, this congress has done more for young people than any that i can remember as far as healthcare reform, it's giving more access to healthcare for young people, student aid reform, a tremendous investment in education. this president and congress is very committed to young people and i think that's resonating. jenna: do you think the tea party has had any sort of affect amongst the youth vote, chaining
11:30 am
voters' minds. >> reporter: no i actually have found that the team is -- tea party is having the opposite effect. if you look at the membership and ranks of the tea party it is a little older. young people are not filling the ranks of the tea party movement. i think for the most part that maybe polarizing and turning young people away from the republican party and a benefit for democrats in november. jenna: we said you sang for "american idol," what was the song you sang. >> reporter: i'll be by edwin mccain is what i additioned with. jenna: how did it go. >> reporter: it went fine until i forgot my lyrics. i'm kicking myself five years later. jenna: rod snider, we appreciate it. thank you. gregg: the rumor mill is working over time right now concerning white house chief of staff rahm emanuel, will he stay, will he go? what's up with that and when might it happen? we know why we're here.
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gregg: just five weeks to go until the midterm elections, republicans fired up and ready to go, that's what primary results are showing across the country so far. case in point florida where the republican senate candidate marco ruby kwroe -- rubio is garnering more votes than all the other candidates combined. jim angle is live in washington with more on that what does the turn out look like for november. >> reporter: it does not look good. democrats are in full panic mode over expected voter turn out in the midterm elections. one reason in this year's primaries 4 million more republicans voted than democrats did. in some states the looser in the republican primary got more votes than the loser in the democratic primary. >> our base is energized, independents are energized. unfortunately for democrats they
11:35 am
are not. >> when you look at the results over and over again you see the republicans no matter how many are in the race have a much higher turn out than the democratic primary had. >> the atmosphere is very strong for change and voters tend to see midterm elections as refendera. >> reporter: with the president's popularity down and supporters disinch chanted over issues, many are worried democrats will just stay home. gregg: they can't just sort of sit around and ring their hands, can they? >> reporter: no, they have to do something, you've got the president, and vice president as you heard earlier visiting universities trying to light a fire under college students who supported the obama campaign. democrats are doing what a party in trouble always does, make it sound like the world will end if the other guys take over congress. for tkep democrats that almost s
11:36 am
is trying to stir up fears about medicare or social security. listen. >> for 75 years seniors have been able to grow old. republicans want to change the system. ending guaranteed benefits or getting rid of it all together. >> democrats are for preserving social security. republicans are for privatizing it. >> reporter: president obama has even joined in trying to make john boehner aville yan -- a villain in hopes of motivating voters. if the voters aren't motivate towed come out and support you try and scare the wits out of them. gregg: when the president says john boehner, a lot of people will say, who did you say. >> reporter: he is not that
11:37 am
well-known so easel louisiana sraeuting him as well as making him a villain. jenna: insiders are saying white house chief of staff rahm emanuel could make a run for the mayor's office in chicago. joining me now fox news digital politics editor chris stierwalt. they say rahm emanuel's exit could rally the liberal base for obama. how so? >> reporter: rally may be a strong word. at least it may stop the bleeding. right now we see that the president is continuing to upset folks on the left. we had the quote from vice president biden last night where he said that they needed to stop whining, and all this other stuff. but they dislike -- one person they dislike more than anybody else in that administration is probably rahm emanuel. he came from the clinton administration, he publicly was outed for arguing against going big on the healthcare plan, and he's just somebody that liberals don't like that much. if he's leaving that gives the
11:38 am
president an opportunity to get on a new footing with what robert gibbs i think unfortunately called the professional left. jenna: we'll have to wait and see exactly who slides into that spot, when or if rahm emanuel exits. there was an interesting report out of a local chicago paper about some real estate trouble, though that rahm emanuel could be in if he heeds back to chicago. >> reporter: the sun-times are reporting and others are looking to confirm the fact that the chief of staff may not have a place to stay when he gets home. he just a week before mayor daly in chicago announced that he wasn't going to seek another term, had reupped the lease on his house that he is leasing to a gentleman, a businessman in a neighborhood on the north side of chicago, and this businessman apparently, at least intimated to the sun-times that he wasn't going anywhere, and if rahm emanuel wanted to come back to run for the mayor of chicago he'd have to live somewhere
11:39 am
else. jenna: trying to run a campaign from a friend's couch might be tough. one of the other things we're looking at chris is wisconsin today. the president is headed there a little later on. this wisconsin senate race is an interesting one. it could have real national significance. could you walk us through that. >> reporter: this is a race that just six months ago democrats did not think that they would have to be spending time and money on it. to have the president have to go make an appearance there, the first lady going to make an appearance there next month and pouring millions of dollars in to try to rescue russ feingold who has been in the senate since 1992 who contemplated a run for president in the 2008 cycle, my goodness this is not something democrats thought they'd have to be done. ron johnson leads in that race by 8 points. ron johnson has never run for public office before, he's a businessman who got into the race because he was a little fed up and boom he's out in front. this is not what democrats wanted to see in a state that they thought that they could take for granted, and then focus
11:40 am
their resources on either trying to pick up republican senate seats or defend senate seats in swing states like ohio. this is a great example of how this electrical environment this year is playing out. jenna: chris appreciate it. fox news digital policy editor, thank you so much, chris. >> reporter: you bet. gregg: breaking news, we've been following the shooting on the campus of the university of texas. a gunman is apparently dead. let's listen into the conference. >> looking for more information, the toll free number is 1 1-866-657-9400. i'll make one further comment. the police departments responded extremely professionally this morning. we can be proud of them. this is a very critical incident. we are fortunate that the ut
11:41 am
police department and the austin police department and the sheriff's office in a coordinated manner, which they are trained to do, and they worked together tremendously. it's a partnership that worked extremely well this morning. now let me have the mayor make a statement. >> let me just say i appreciate everyone's patience and we're still continuing to gather information. but for now i want to say that i'm very proud of the way apd has worked together with travis county, dps and the ut police department to insure that it was handled without any injuries or fatalities, obviously. we are continuing to secure the situation. i'm very confident right now that people in the rest of the city of austin can go forward and feel safe in their homes and on the streets of austin. again i'm very proud of what they've done here. i want to turn it over to the ut police chief mr. dawson.
11:42 am
>> i'm chief of police, university of texas. this morning a little around 8:00 we had a report of an armed person with a description of him. we sent out text messages to the student, faculty and staff. officers responded as well as austin police officers, travis county department of public safety as we have trained to do and worked together to do. it was a good response. we are very fortunate in the fact that no one else was injured other than the loan gunman -- lone gunman that we know of at this point. we don't have any other reports of anybody being hurt. we are working the possibility of a second suspect. we have -- we're trying to eliminate all those possibilities. we are setting up a perimeter that will probably within the hour or so open up the north end of campus. we are going to try to cut from the malls to the stout from guadalupe to san hacinto to work
11:43 am
the crime scene through. we want to try and work and make sure there are no second shooters, second suspects, we work all those leads through before we open any of the campus. >> do you have any background information on the shooter. >> we don't this i have information on that at this time. i'll turn it over to the austin police department. >> i want to compliment number one the university of texas, and the texas police department. i have never seen a response as i saw this morning when i got here within minutes of this incident unfolding. the students did their part. they cleared the streets. they cleared the grounds in a very quick manner. i think it speaks volumes as to what you do to prepare in your communication system. our hats off to you. right now we have apd-swat. upd. traffic is county pd. and swat elements that are conducting secondary searches of the building in the inner
11:44 am
perimeter. we have explosive dogs that are going to be searching the buildings inner perimeter to eliminate the possibility of any explosive ordinances that might have been left behind by one or more suspects. although there are reports of a second suspect, what we're doing right now is being methodical to eliminate the second suspect. as you all know, the first suspect did commit suicide in the library building earlier this morning. no shots were fired by any members of law enforcement. and we have not identified or have found any injured third parties. again -- within the next hour we are hope to open the north campus, but this inner perimeter will remain closed for the next several hours as we conduct a secondary search of the build insurance to make sure we don't miss any. we have two crime scenes, one
11:45 am
where the suspect is deceased and the other where some of the rounds were fired which is outdoors and that will obviously take several hours. with that i want to open it for any questions. >> what munitions have been recovered? >> i can just tell you that the first weapon was an ak-47. and that's all we're going to release at this time. >> how many shots were fired. >> that's under investigation. obviously when you have these kind of incidents you have reports coming in. when reports come in we have to take them seriously. that's what all the law enforcement resources have done this morning is take them seriously. we owe it to the parents and students to make sure that we are safe rather than sorry and that's what we are doing right now. >> how about motives chief. >> we don't have any motives at this time. when you have a situation like this you're going to get multiple descriptions. that's what we have to check out for the second shooter. we did get multiple executions. we have to make sure that he didn't have other people with
11:46 am
them. we don't feel like there were. we have to check out every lead and call we get. >> are you describing the second person as a shooter? >> the person deceased was he wearing all black? >> that is what i'm aware of at this point. i have not seen him. >> are you describing the second person -- >> i can be not tell you the accurate part yet. we have crime scene investigations going on. we need the results and then we'll tell you where it was. >> a father and mother were texting someone who had sprained their ankle in the basement of one of the buildings. >> i have heard the same thing. that could have happened, someone may have sprained their ankle. but no one has been injured as far as we know other than the gunman. >> are you describing the second person as a gunman or suspect.
11:47 am
>> he's a suspect at this time. >> was he seen with a gun? [unintelligible. >> i cannot total low confirm that. we believe it is from the description. >> do you know where he lived? >> we don't know the information on the gunman at this time. >> were there any possessions on his body. >> we are not going to go into that. >> thank you all. >> thank you very much. gregg: you've been listening to a live news conference on the campus of the university of texas in austin. the good news here is that everybody is safe. the administration, the students, the teachers there. apparently a lone gunman went into the, i believe it was the 6th floor of the campus library, armed with an ak-47. of course he could have taken a lot of lives there, but instead he took his own life. there were reports of a second gunman on campus, and that has not been confirmed. the swat team is on the scene as
11:48 am
well as other law enforcement and they are searching the campus. we heard from the president of the university, bill powers who has canceled classes for the day. students were immediately alerted via text messages, and other communications, so there was a lockdown. they got out of the streets, and away from the scene of the shooting, and everybody is safe. so as we get further details on the shooting at the university of texas, austin we'll let you know. jenna. jenna: a ufo sighting kept under wraps for decades. the close encounters reportedly taking place at u.s. defense bases like this one armed with nuclear missiles. some exmilitary commander's are coming clean and they insist something is definitely out there. >> this planet is being visited by beings from another world. >> a fully illuminated, round object was hovering silent owe over the missile silo and
11:49 am
shining a light onto it. >> from this dead stop it shoots off to the east, just like now you see it, now you don't. [music playing] are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. [ air whooshing ] [ crunch! ] [ male announcer ] 11 grams of delicious whole grain. one mighty toasted crunch. new wheat thins crunch stix. the crunch is calling.
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11:52 am
gregg: a group of retired air force officers now going public telling of ufo sightings at missile bases all across the country. they say the ufos even messed with the weapons, in some cases deactivating missiles. we have two gentlemen joining us
11:53 am
on the telephone. mr. salas, first with you, you saw this large, glowing red pulls say theeing oval shape hovering near the front gate. what did it do to the nuclear missiles. >> first of all i want to correct you. i was underground at the time of the incident. i was 60 feet underground in a capsule. we have security cards upstairs of course protecting the area. they told me that it looked like a oval-shaped ping-red object pulls say theeing. he had a hard time deconcerning the detail of it. gregg: what did it do to the n u.k. es. >> while this was being reported our nuclear missiles went no-go or disabled. gregg: has that ever happened before under different circumstances? >> it happened, as i later found out about a week earlier on march 16th, 1967, same -- well not the same loss control
11:54 am
center, it was called echo flight, which is some 40 miles to the northwest of where this was. gregg: we are short on time, forgive me for being brief. mr. hastings let me go to you. you're a researcher, you said you believe visitors from outer space have come here. >> i've interviewed over 120 former and retired air force personnel who were involved in nuclear weapons related ufo incidents. some of which involved missiles malfunctions when the objects were present. the technology reported and also tracked on radar involves craft that are capable of flying thousands of miles per hour. gregg: i've got to cut to the chase here. you say you think they are fixated on our nuclear weapons because they think we should disarm ourselves before we destroy ourselves. look, if they are smart enough and clever enough to come here, aren't they smart enough and clever enough to directly communicate with us? >> no. gregg: no? >> that's an i illogical leap f
11:55 am
judgment. gregg: it seems logical to me. jenna: you. >> you haven't explored all the satisfactorscenarios. you would engage in a slow on going increasing the contact. you wouldn't fly in the face of whoever you are visiting in one fell swoop. i think what is going on is an objection process. during the cold war with the nukes there was a situation where there were potentially dark consequences and they intervened both here and the former so the yet union to interfere with nuclear weapons. gregg: the air force had the blue book investigation project, they eventually abandoned it because in their words no extra ta rest tree als could ever be identified. do you think they are lying. >> that was a cover or story. the investigations conducted into these sensitive cases were conducted by the office of special investigation as mr. salas can tell you. nothing was admitted.
11:56 am
it came you the under the freedom of information act. gregg: thank you for being with us. forgive me skepticism. i'm a reporter, i'm trained to be skeptical. jenna: i think we should say no aliens were available for the interview. gregg: we tried to phone e. t. but he wouldn't phone us. jenna: we wanted to share the story. the cia launching a major new offensive in pakistan right now using drones to bombard the mountains of pakistan. why our top agency is honing in on this area and what it means for your national security. beer versus marijuana, how about that, why this is shaping up to be a big battle in the state of california. surprise, surprise. we'll be right back.
11:57 am
11:58 am
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by tomorrow. [ male announcer ] ducati knows it's better for xerox to manage their global publications. so they can focus on building amazing bikes. with xerox, you're ready for real business. jenna: austin police are investigating reports of a possible second suspect at the university of texas at the library. we heard of a man who fatally shot himself on the 6th floor of that library. we are going to go to our affiliate there. they have been following the story all morning long. rudy, what can you tell us? >> reporter: they are doing a security sweep and the campus remains locked down. it will remain locked down for the next several hours. they hope to open up the north
12:00 pm
cam us in an hour or so. they are searching for that possible second gunman. they are getting conflicting information about this possible suspect, a man who walked on campus dressed in black, armed with an ak-47, walking down the street directly behind me, then walking down in front of a large dormitory across the street from the mainly prairie on campus. -- from the main library. all the students that were there as they were starting the school day scattered, sought cover. then we are told the gunman walked into the library and took his own life. because there are different descriptions on the suspect, some saying he wore all black, some saying he had a brown jacket wearing a hoodie, a ski
12:01 pm
mask, law enforcement officers want to make sure they have only a lone gunman. if there is a possibility of a second gunman they want to keep this area shut down. they are doing classroom by classroom searches. sometime later on today they hope to have the core section of the campus open. it may not open until possibly tomorrow. the northern portion of the campus may open in the next hour. right now security sweeps continue. the lone gunman apparently taking his life about 9:00 this evening after starting the shooting here on campus. no injuries much students. we are told everyone who witnessed this incident may have been taken to the local police department where they are being debriefed where they will try to determine whether this was the act of a lone gunman or whether there is a us suspect on the loose. jenna: you are telling us something new we haven't heard
12:02 pm
yet that the gunman was shooting as he was walking going towards the library this morning. do we have confirmation who this hundredman was in was he a student in do we know that much? >> reporter: the local authorities wrapped up a news conference and that was one of the questions we asked him. we asked if the individual had any identification on him on his body at the time and if there is a place of residence this individual is from, we got an answer of no. but an indication they are close to determining that they are not ready to relate that information. we do not know for sure if this was a student or someone from off campus that walked on and started firing with that a.k.- a.k.-47. jenna: rudy, thank you so much.
12:03 pm
. i'm jenna lee, welcome to a brand-new hour of "happening now." along with gregg jarrett in overjon scott. gregg: president obama is trying to rekindle some of his magic from 2008. he's talking to the voters about the economy and he will try to fire up the youth vote at a college rally. wendall goler is at the white house to tell us more. >> reporter: the president just arrived at home of a retired marine corps staff sergeant wit for a backyard discussion about the economy. later he will head to wisconsin to rally the young voters who made such a big difference in 2008. both he and vice president biden visiting college campuses this week. about biden is at penn state
12:04 pm
university. the president just gave an interview to "rolling stone" magazine said the fact that we have a lack of enthusiasm in the democratic base and people are sitting on their hand complaining is irresponsible. he says people need to shake off this lethargy and buck up. gregg: why is the problem so severe for the president with the very group that supported him enthusiastically two years ago? >> reporter: political analysts say there are a couple of reasons. the economy hasn't turned around nearly as fast as those hoped and the president is among those people. but some of the sitting legislation, in particular the healthcare reform bill, there is more controversy than was expected and it wasn't as sweeping as his supporters would hope. it didn't include the public option. the president in a conference call with college student made
12:05 pm
clear political compromise is not enough reason for people to just check out. >> you can't sit it out. you can't suddenly just check in once every 10 years or so on an exciting presidential election and not pay attention during big mid-term elections where we have a big choice. >> reporter: the president says he feels he accomplished more than 2/3 of what he promised in the campaign. jenna: out to the west to the battle over the hispanic vote in california's close governor's race. backers of republican meg whitman are crying foul over a new spanish language ad. adam housley is live. what's the deal here? >> reporter: the battle over the spanish airways has gone on since the early 90s. but whitman campaign is upset
12:06 pm
about this isment. it came out from a group of union organizations. they say they are putting money on behalf of jerry brown. it attacks meg whitman, that's no surprise, but what it says when you translate it to english it says quote in part whitman says one thing in spanish, then she says soches when she speaks english. the real whitman doesn't have any shame, she is a woman with two phase. when you talk to one of the groups, they will tell you they are not going to apologize for this ad, they believe it's pertinent in this political season. >> it becomes important for coalitions like ours to go out to the latino community and say there is a significant difference between to both candidates. there is a jobs issue, a tax issue and immigration issue that you care about. here are the differences. >> reporter: this may be
12:07 pm
helping the brown campaign because the latest numbers that have come out are very close. at the same time the hispanic vote seems to be solidly in former governor brown's category. jenna: he has been governor once before. you mentioned meg whitman's camp isn't too happy with what's going on. any response they are going to put out there? >> reporter: they have two ads out there going right now. tell vaings radio ads. they want to focus on education. they don't address the ad that's been put out by working families but they talk about her accomplishments. here what is they had to say when we asked them about the ad. >> it's not surprising the unions would have misleading ads. they have mayor gubernatorial candidate who has a record of failure. what else are they going to talk about? we are going to continue to run our campaign. they will continue to
12:08 pm
mischaracterize meg whitman and her record. >> reporter: meg whitman spent a lot, of course, the other side throwing their money into the ring. it will continue to battle over the spanish airways. jenna: adam housley for us in l.a. today. gregg: a tornado watch in effect for all of new jersey and all five boroughs of new york city. there you see times square. that is manhattan. staten island, queens, brooklyn, the bronx, all of them under a tornado watch. the conditions are favorable for tornadoes and severe thunderstorms. if you think it's unusual, it was a week ago a couple of tornadoes touched down in the new york area. one person was killed and a whole lot of damage. we'll continue to follow that. happening right now in pakistan,
12:09 pm
the cia stepping up drone missile attacks to foil a possible terrorist attack. they are hitting militants in the border reference of afghanistan, waziristan. lieutenant colonel bill cowan is a military analyst. he joins us live. the threats allegedly are targeting great britain, germany and france. is there a correlation between that particular suspected plot and the drone attacks in afghanistan? >> it would appear so. it's quite unusual that we would do that. we know in the u.k., france and germany they are on heightened alert. so for us to be running 20 strikes this month which is the number we are at right now tells us we know something is going
12:10 pm
on. france, u.k. and germany do also. we may be able to shake up the bad guys if they are planning an attack. gregg: in addition to the drone strikes, there were man strikes, nato strikes that killed militants in the same region. what are the targets? are theya -- are they al qaeda training camps? >> al qaeda is the principle one for this administration. the pakistani taliban threatened strikes against the u.s. the shathe haquanni network. all of which pose a threat to nato forces in afghanistan or western europe and the u.s.
12:11 pm
gregg: we have been apparently very successful against al qaeda as well as its affiliates. has that driven them elsewhere to somalia and yemen. >> i don't think it drove them there. the entities were sprowght. you are right, somalia, yemen, there is no lack of potential al qaeda affiliatesser al qaeda-related groups that want to inflaict harm on the u.s. we'll start picking up more drone-type of attacks against the targets that pose threats to us. gregg: the target seems to be waziristan. why haven't the pakistanis done more to track down on that region? >> it's a lawless area that never had the government of --
12:12 pm
no government really has been able to get out there. we pushed the pakistanis to get military operations out there. they wouldn't do it for a while. they started to do it reluctantly. but it's a big area. when they do go out there they find themselves often the targets of a lot of anger of their own population. it's win if you do, and win if you don't. the u.s. and our nato allies have to continue to push the pakistanis to deal with that region so we don't have to. gregg: thanks so much. jenna: we'll take to you what's happening in new mexico. live pictures of president obama. the president is talking about the economy here answering questions, just met with a local family. he's headed to wisconsin next where he expects to hold a big rally at the university of
12:13 pm
wisconsin. we'll monitor the president for breaking news on the economy and otherwise. if you want to watch the full discussion you can do so streaming live on our web site at we are monitoring a tense situation unfolding on a college campus in texas as well. a gunman opening fire on the university of texas at austin. we'll bring you new details as they emerge. also midge developments out of north korea. the son of dictator kim jong-il not even 30 years old yet. he's one of his youngest sons. we'll tell you why this matters coming up. also opponents to legalizing pot finding an unlikely ally in california. ♪
12:14 pm
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y. gregg: we have breaking news and new videotape. a man was trapped in a well.
12:17 pm
rescuers just pulled him out. harris has the story from the breaking news desk. >> reporter: this is a county worker in charles county in an area called waldorf just outside of baltimore. you would think the drama would have ended with people trying to get him out. see the guys dressed in white suits in they look like astronauts. they then pulled their hoods and masks on and take him over to a decontamination unit. you will see that. i just got off the phone with the person on the ground there coordinating their effort. this is a county worker 55 years old somehow fell into that well. it's at a sewage pumping station. there are a lot of chemicals at the bottom of that well, chemicals they use to treat raw sewage.
12:18 pm
they are finally get him out. they are not sure if he's injured. he's alert. before they can even take him to the hospital they have to send him to a decontamination unit. they put him in there. last i checked, he's still in there. he does have some injuries. they don't know the extent. they will take him to the hospital from there. they will put him in a secure location depending on what they find after he's decontaminated. jenna: the battle of the vices in california. beer producers fighting efforts to legalize marijuana in the state. are they trying to keep a lid, so to say, on the competition? >> reporter: the battle over the buzz now includes the bud versus the brew. the california beer and beverage
12:19 pm
distributors have donated $10,000 to defeat proposition 19 on the ballot that would legalize marijuana for adults. employers would be prevented from drug testing their workers for pot. in a statement it would say this would allow beer distributor drivers to operate trucks on california roadways exposing the public to potential harm. government figures show in 2008 nearly 12,000 people were killed in dui-related accidents. while smoking pot may impair driving, the federal government does not keep statistics on how many accidents are caused by stoned drivers. they suggest california beer sellers are really concerned about protecting their turf. >> there is a history of alcohol
12:20 pm
companies putting money against propositions such as ours. it could be they are concerned for the competition. >> reporter: several breweries are furious they have been linked with prop 19 opposition and have demanded they be taken off the group's membership list. analysts say alcohol groups and on thers opposed to prop 19 will have 0 spend a lot more -- will have to spend a lot more money to convince voters legalizing marijuana will pose a greater public safety threat than keeping it illegal. gregg: record-breaking heat out west, triple digits in some spots. 105. we'll tell you where that is. putting the heat on women to get out the vote and why a growing gender gap in 2010.
12:21 pm
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jenna: we talked about the youth vote last hour, what about the women? while women still lean democratic, they are less inspired to vote this year for either party. we had to ask the question, where are the women voters and will the 2010 elections ultimately be decided by men? we have the senior former advisor from john mccain and former advisor to hillary clinton. where is the disconnect this
12:25 pm
year? >> the last thing democrats want to have happen is go into an election where women are deciding to not vote. republicans are more excited about the mid-term elections and unfortunately for republicans, more republicans happen to be men. i think there is an opportunity for democrats to continue to connect with women and engage them in the same way they did in the 2008 elections. but that's to embrace the healthcare message many democrats have been running away from. there is an opportunity to connect with women voters on a message about healthcare and how democrats trust women to make decisions about their reproductive choices. jenna: there seems to be more men moving towards the conservative movement. by you also have big-name women in the republican movement like
12:26 pm
meg whitman and it doesn't seem to be resonating with women voters. >> i think women voters are deeply concerned about things beyond healthcare. they are deeply concerned about jobs and the economy. and within single digits as concerned about spending as men. i think women are very solution oriented. they are champion multitaskers and they don't understand why washington, d.c. which was supposed to turn the economy around wasn't able to do it. they don't like the policies that have been forced on this country by the democrats and they are frustrated in general. and they certainly don't like mudslinging. they want solutions, they don't like mudslinging. the current rhetoric being embraced by the administration and other democrats has devolved into name calling which is a loss for all of us. jenna: women control the
12:27 pm
pocketbooks of the families. they are the ones in touch. but there is something about the rhetoric of the gone that doesn't seem to be striking the right cord. why is >> women have had to make tough decisions. i'm not talking about between this brand of toothpaste. i'm talking about can their kids go to the schools they have gone to before, will they be able to get braces this year? they do not believe their leadership in washington is making those decisions. that's part of why they are tuning out. they are concerned and angst but they are not seeing solutions and they are seeing mudslinging. >> women are common sense solution oriented and that's why democrats have an opportunity to get them excited about this election. it's not going to be the
12:28 pm
republican candidates that are exciting look for solutions. one of the top solutions for them is for the government to hold corporations accountable for getting us in this mess to begin with. that's where the administration and democrats in congress have another opportunity to connect with women. women are the driving force of democratic voters. and the democratic candidates need to find a way to make that connection. it's not like the republican party is drawing women to them. that's not been a place of support for women voters who are looking for common sense solution oriented policies. >> i disagree from the standpoint of women want action here. they are not embracing the democratic portfolio. they clearly have turned their backs on that. they are staying calm. this is similar to the problem the republicans had in 2008 where the base simply wasn't
12:29 pm
excited. even healthcare, an issue women are concerned about. they didn't like the solution. i remember when we found out that women under the age of 50 were going to be told they couldn't have mammograms. that was directly counter to what we had been told by our doctors. as soon as you approach the age 50 you are supposed to start having mammograms. we are frustrated with th with e devolution. jenna: the study shows women aren't as angry as men, they are more hopeless. >> nancy's point from earlier before as far as healthcare is concerned. women voters do not want to see congress repeal the healthcare act. as far as women being hopeless,
12:30 pm
i think there is an opportunity that democrats still have because we are seeing polling showing they are not engaged in this election because they don't have as much information. us here in the media we talk about it every day. they are engaged in their daily lives, more than trying to figure out how the pay for braces, they are trying to figure out how to pay for gas to get their kids to school. those are the issues for this group of voters. democrats do still have an opportunity in the next 35 days to make sure they are educated on the fact that republicans don't trust women to make their own healthcare decisions. >> i think women d tend to be more anxious than angry. i'm not sure they have hit despair. but they tend to be more anxious. they are getting frustrated there is not a solution or resolution to that anxiety.
12:31 pm
jenna: we appreciate your insights. thank you very much. gregg: women are not as angry as men as a general proposition? jenna: i was citing a simple poll that said that. gregg: i get it. greggwhat couldbecome tropical , there is the weather map. getting more computers into the classroom. always a great idea. but replacing teachers with headsets and software, a growing trend to save some money coming under fire. [ male announcer ] if you have type 2 diabetes,
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80 calories? light & fit has 80 calories versus 100 in the other leading brand. light & fit. irresistible taste. fewer calories. i love light & fit. gregg: severe weather threatening major cities across the country. thunderstorms in the east could bring treacherous conditions to d.c., new york and brand-new. there are tornado warnings in effect. out west, record heat bearing down on los angeles, temperatures reaching triple digits. a tropical depression is brewing over some areas. >> reporter: some crazy extremes of weather going on. yesterday los angeles downtown hit 113 degree. that's the highest temperature they recorded in los angeles. los angeles had one of the coldest summers they have ever seen. so you are getting extreme
12:36 pm
summers suddenly in parts after california. one more day of high temperatures today. trapped 8 degrees from where it was yesterday. tomorrow you will drop another 10 degrees. the eastern part of the country had one of the hottest summers it has seen. because of that we have a drought going on. now we'll see big changes and significant rain over the next five days down from florida all the way up through the eastern seaboard. the i95 corridor up to 5-6 inches of rain that will cause significant flooding. we are seeing a lot of this rain from florida and we are seeing this stretch in kk the northeast. there is a tornado watch in connect until 6:00 p.m. all these cities east of baltimore, philadelphia, new york, up towards albany we could be seeing significant thunderstorms as you go through
12:37 pm
the afternoon. all this moisture will be increased because we have now our 16th tropical depression. it's going to continue to pull off towards the north and it will bring a lot of rain. not a major wind threat the next few days. the wind won't be that strong. it will move over cuba and hit areas of south florida. but the entire eastern seaboard probably becoming extratropical cal. but all that moisture will be in place and that will cause big problems. one last thing. behind us two more systems the models are showing will develop in the caribbean and that will continue to impact the eastern seaboard. get ready for what may be a very wet october october much of new england. jenna: we have a fox news alert.
12:38 pm
some reports that the former president jimmy carter is in the hospital. these are initial local reports coming to us by way of local affiliates as well as other reports from our news room that apparently jimmy carter when he landed at the cleveland-hawkins airport yesterday morning, shortly after that he was taken to a hospital called the metro health medical center. very light on details at this time as far as what his affliction might be, how he is feeling. but these reports just coming in. the former president jimmy carter is in the hospital and has been there for a day. as we look at times fine these reports. apparently he was in ohio to do a book signing. he has that brand-new book out, the white house diaries. and that is yes was in ohio and traveling about by plane. just initial reports. we want to be carefulw with it,
12:39 pm
but -- we want to be careful with it, but these are coming into our newsroom. i just have some more information coming in. apparently there was some confirmation coming from the cleveland-hawkins airport that they responded to reports of a sick passenger on an incoming delta flight but no confirmation that was the former president. we'll be careful with reports coming into our newsroom. but from our local affiliates in ohio, the former president jimmy carter hospitalized since yesterday afternoon. this news just coming to us as jimmy carter has been traveling around the country talking about his new book "white house diaries." gregg: he's 85 years old. he lived longer than his
12:40 pm
siblings. let's go to dr. mark see gal. marc siegel. >> the first thing you think about, it's heart. it's age related. he appears to be in good health. as far as i know he's not a smoker. he's not particularly overweight. but just being a man and being in that age group makes me think of heart first, especially with a sudden onset. we don't have any details, but that would be the first and foremost thing on my mind. gregg: it could be hydration. it could be anything. >> with the schedule he keeps you are talking about exhaustion a possibility. he could be feeling lightheaded. maybe he isn't well enough nourished. gregg: we saw general david petraeus at a capitol hill
12:41 pm
hearing who literally passed out during his testimony. it was a case of exhaustion and hydration. he was dehydrated and he fainted. >> that's common, by the way. if you are in a hot room and giving a speech and if you didn't have breakfast that day, that's probably what did happen with general petraeus where it was basically a faint. jimmy carter does appear to be in great shape. but being over 80 years old there could be more serious issues. jenna: the public information officer at the airport basically saying they got word that a sick passenger was on an incoming delta flight around 11:30 and what was told to the medical fire crews is the passenger was i.d.'d as the former president who said he was feeling sick. and then at that point he was
12:42 pm
transported to the metro health medical center by ambulance to get some more immediate care. dr. siegel we have to be careful with the initial reports. we don't know if he's still in the hospital. we are gathering information as we get it. >> there is something interesting about his background. he has an extraordinary history of cancer. i'm not suggesting this is related to this issue. two of his sisters, brothers, father, all died of pancreatic cancer which tends to run in families. jenna: we appreciate the instant insight. we reached out to the carter center here in the newsroom to find out more information about the story and as we get developments we'll bring them to you. gregg: we wish the former president well and a speedy recovery. in the meantime, the wheels of succession appear to be turning
12:43 pm
in north korea. dictator kim jong-il setting up his youngest son to take the reins. [ female announcer ] in the coming weeks and months, you may notice something a little different about eggland's best eggs. now, in addition to the taste and nutrition you and your family love, eggland's best wl proudly be displaying its support for susan g. komen for the cure®, the world's largest breast cancer organization, in its promise to end breast cancer forever. eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. and a greater commitment to what matters. because part of being the best is doing good. ♪
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and save up to thousands of dollars in potential... out-of-pocket expenses with an aarp... medicare supplement insurance plan... insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. call this toll-free number on your screen now... for this free information kit, including this... medicare guide and customized rate quote. jenna: we confirmed the former president jimmy carter was taken to the hospital earlier this morning. the initial reports were from our local station that it happened yesterday morning. we want to correct that. it happened this morning just an hour and 15 minutes ago. still reaching out to the carter camp for more information on this, harris, but you have been able to make a couple call on his. >> reporter: it dawned on me if he were to show up in a couple hours at a book store, there might be a few people there. i just got off the phone and i
12:47 pm
was the person to inform them our reporting that former president jimmy carter has headed to the hospital. the guy on the phone says he was crushed. he said there are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people in several lines who have been outside our store, joseph beck book sellers for hours after he waiting the former president's arrival. he was due to cop at 1:00 p.m. and -- he was due to come at 1:00 p.m. and sign books and speak. the store was notified this morning he would be coming an hour earlier at noon. here we are perched waiting for him at the noon hour and now it's not going to happen. if he was getting ready to get off the phone and inform not only the people in the store, but then all of those he said hundreds and hundreds of people lined up waiting for president carter's arrival there. we were wondering whether this was take place yesterday or
12:48 pm
today. now we know definitely the store was perched for him to arrive. that won't be happening within the next hour as we know. jenna: what we learned this morning from the cleveland-hopkins airport from the public information officer that the airport was responding to a sick passenger coming in on an incoming delta flight flight. the medical and fire crews responded and the passenger was i.d.'d as the former president jimmy carter, that was feeling sick. we don't have details about what exactly is going on with him and how he is feeling and what the doctors might be treating him for. we are trying to work some of our sources in the area where apparently the former president was taken just earlier this morning. lots of different initial reports at this time. definitely the former president not feeling too well this
12:49 pm
morning on an incoming flight. >> reporter: reported to be not feeling well. feeling sick. they may undertake depending on the symptoms a battery of tests. the former president of the united states, they will be cautious and conservative here in how they approach the diagnosis and the remedies here. but former president jimmy carter with a lot of days pointed people outside that store. we are waiting for the booed signing. he has written so many different books. probably one of the most active modern presidents. jenna: we'll keep you up to date as we hear more. we'll be back with more after the break. hed!" gecko water bottle... notebook... chamois... gecko: sir, i feel a little bit uncomfortable with all... you know... with all this. i mean, it's not about me. should be about how geico's the third-largest car insurance company in the nation. things like that. boss: oh, of course! we're not gonna get carried away.
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jenna: a fox news alert.
12:53 pm
former president jimmy carter is in the hospital in cleveland, ohio. he was there for a book signing for his new book "white house diary." the former president is 85 years old. all we know is he felt ill on an incoming flight and went to the hospital. he's very active with his new book and with a host of other issues relevant to our news items today. gregg: jimmy carter was just in north korea and met with the dictator kim jong-il. he wrote that kim jong-il wants to restart negotiations with the united states. there may be a change in regime, his youngest on kim jong-eun has been promoted to 4-star general. over 28,000 troops are stationed
12:54 pm
nearby in south korea. the north and south are still technically at war. north korea is an arms dealer that peddles to terrorists. thanks for being with us. one minute you are 27, 28 years old. a civilian, the next day you are a 4-star general. does this underscore the military's power in the regime and b the kim jong-eun is his father's successor? >> there is turbulence ahead. this is a young man, maybe 27 or 28. he may have gone to school? switzerland. we don't know much about him. he was elevated yesterday to 4-star general. thatting the rank of george s. patton in world war ii.
12:55 pm
kim jong-il is lined up for a succession to his father. he was named in 1980. no one suspects kim jong-eun will have that much time to prepare. gregg: an inexperienced kid the head of a country, the last of the stalinist regime with nuclear weapons that doesn't seem to be favorable to the united states. what does this mean for us. >> south cor korea is our 7th largest trading partner. any tush felonies this area would have major economic consequences to the u.s. this regime has proliferated every weapons system.
12:56 pm
gregg: they can proliferate to terrorist groups, too. >> they have tested two nuclear devices. so there are a number of risks. this is not a state that will be ignored. gregg: i'm sure we had to be so short, we had breaking news with the former president jimmy carter. jenna: we'll have much more on what we have been reporting to you. former president jimmy carter this the hospital, apparently not feeling well this morning on a flight to cleveland, ohio.
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
jenna: thanks for joining us everybody. gregg: megyn kelly with "america live" begins now. she'll have more on the condition of former president jimmy carter taken to the

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